• The Keystone Framework

    I am a finance-savvy tech executive and enjoy building innovative teams, crafting winning strategies and delivering operational excellence. I hold a black belt in Taekwondo, a Korean martial art. I tend to look for leadership lessons in the historical battles, political events and maverick leaders of Asia. Feel free to challenge, contribute and connect.

Tinker. Driver. Designer. Why.

As technology makes science of an art and jobs become increasingly technology-enabled, all roles seem to fall into one of three types.

Your job was an art

How long before a robot does your job? Robots are beating champs at jeopardy, diagnosing medical conditions and bar-tending. With the advent of deep learning, machines are doing jobs that require decision-making in complex and ambiguous circumstances, with profound implications for business, government and society. We will either make the leap to fulfilling lives with abundance and creativity, or. Else.

How to demo an app to an executive

In the digital era, we are frequently making demos of apps to executives. Building a app that solves an important problem for the company is a uber-cool! Making an effective demo to an executive is equally important. Use these three tips to leave an impression!

Predictive analytics castle on a data quicksand – the D3 ills and 3C pills.

Are you building your predictive analytics castle on a data quicksand? If so, your business will sink. But don’t sweat it! The D3 ills have the 3C pills!

Less spoken-about presentation tips

Chicks dig good presenters. There’s a lot of great material out there posted by folks who gave their first public presentation at age two. For the rest of us, here are three practical tips culled from years of experience and experimentation. I learned these the hard way and now you don’t have to.

The Why, What and How

Great leaders provide a compelling “Why?”. And set the stage for the “What?” and the “How?” to be debated. Leaders and organizations that fail to do this end up on the dustbin of history.

Why should ANYONE buy your product or service?

Why should I buy your product or service? There is only one good reason why. You understand my pain-point and I trust you to remove it. Everything else is secondary.

A tale of two cities.

There’s the New York style of feedback. Impudent and confrontational. There’s also the Alabama style of feedback. Nice to a fault. Only one saves your @$$ in business.

Two kinds of help.

There’s two kinds of help. People who want to look after you. People who want to help you look after yourself. My experience is that liberals are in the former category and conservatives in the latter. Both want to help. Yet there are huge difference in the nature of help and implications for those who … Continue reading

All you _____ look alike.

The bell curve is only as flat or as sharp as your game. How well do you care?