Delegation and miles on my moccasins



“I am ready for the next role,” says the bright employee who is clearly not ready yet. Delegate! Let them walk a mile in your shoes.

  1. List down your “pain” areas. Consider these as candidate projects for delegation.
  2. Size it right. Select an opportunity that builds leadership muscle and does not defeat them. It should be no cakewalk either.
  3. Set criteria for job done. Provide timelines. Let them know you shall be available to help – at his or her request.

Apply these principles:

  • Delegation is having the next set walk a mile in your shoes.
  • It is not about tasks, even challenging ones, that are part of the territory for the delegate’s role.
  • People catch on to the fact that they are getting a task that is “above their pay-grade”.

High-potentials see that as a reward.

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