Social Media Workshop – Storytelling

Storytelling: Your Brand, Your Story

3 Steps to a social media strategy.

  1. The big idea becomes a big story
  2. From big story to a publishing plan
  3. Choose your channels

I organized the class in two groups for this activity.

First, the big idea become a big story

I tasked each group to come up with a big idea and a story in the first 15 min. In the next 15 min, each group had a chance to present their idea. While one group presented, the other group put on their venture capitalists and critiqued the idea, on the lines of:

  1. What is unique about it?
  2. Who are the likely paying customers?
  3. Where are the barriers to entry?

Here’s one big idea:

Sumeet recounted an inter-state journey by train. His daughter felt she had some food stuck between her teeth. She asked around for a mirror, anxious to remove the offending bit, and could not find one. While Sumeet racked his brains, she coolly asked her brother for his iPad, switched on the video camera on the device, pointed it at herself and got the job done.

The big idea: An app that helps today’s generation step out into the wicked wide world looking sharp. “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, make me the fairest of them all.” On an app.


The big story: U Turn. Everybody else walks, you turn.



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