Change Management – Find the Feeling

Experiences shape beliefs. Trying to change beliefs with logic and reason is like bringing a knife to a gun-fight. It often fails.

So what does it take to change a belief? It often requires creating a whole new set of experiences. Or one “Type I” experience can bring about change. As Lois eloquently illustrates in this episode of Family Guy.

Stewie meets Scotty

FamilyGuy Prayer StewieMeetsScotty

The Griffin family goes to the Quahog Public Library for the Children’s Sing-a-long activity held by Bruce. Whilst there, Stewie meets a boy named Scotty Jennings and his parents Ben and Hope, whom Lois and Peter befriend. Lois organizes a play date for Stewie and Scotty.

Scotty is a sick child

FamilyGuy Prayer ScottySick

Scotty suddenly falls ill whilst playing with Stewie and passes out, so Lois and Peter rush him to the hospital. Dr. Hartman tells them that Scotty has Hodgkin’s lymphoma and needs urgent treatment or else he will die. When Scotty’s parents Ben and Hope arrive, they confess that they do not use modern hospital treatment due to their religious beliefs as Christian Scientists, stating that they use “faith” as a medicine.

An attempt at persuasion with logic and reason fails

FamilyGuy Prayer PersuasionLogicReason

Despite her own religious views, Lois finds the couple’s beliefs ridiculous and tries to convince them to let Scotty receive medical treatment. Unfortunately, Ben and Hope remain adamant that continuous prayer will save their son. Lois then seeks advice from Joe, but even the police are unable to intervene.


familyGuy Prayer Kidnap

As a last resort, Lois decides to take matters into her own hands by kidnapping Scotty and taking him to the hospital herself. Lois and Peter sneak up to the Jennings’ house and get Scotty out successfully.

Find the feeling

FamilyGuy Prayer FindFeeling

However, their plans are thrown into turmoil when a huge crowd and the police with Joe stop them at the hospital after news spreads of the kidnapping. Ben and Hope arrive, and plead with Lois to return Scotty to them, but not before Lois explains that even if they use faith of God as a medicine, people still have created modern medicine, which is also the possibility of what God may have allowed. She then states that if they really want God to answer their prayers, they should do the right thing for Scotty.

The end

Eventually, Ben and Hope agree and allow their son to go to the hospital to receive his treatments, prompting Peter to exclaim “Hey Everybody, We’re All Gonna Get Laid!”. Scotty ends up beating his cancer.

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