JAM – Not Just Another Meeting!

Just another meeting

There’s a lot of talk about employee engagement these days. Executives know they must make the CASE for employee engagement as follows.

Community: Build and grow collaborative communities where work gets done. Establish a distinct and appropriate culture.
Authenticity: Be authentic. Come across as consistent in thought, word and deed.
Significance: Endow the work people do with significance. Make the link to business purpose.
Excitement: Excite imagination with a vision. People want to make a meaningful contribution.

We have found that our monthly recurring All-Hands Meeting (AHM) serves as a superb forum for employee engagement. They are an opportunity to review business performance, reinforce organizational culture, refresh minds with fun.

The pictures speak for themselves.

Reviewing business accomplishments with pride.

Rediscovering days when a box of crayons was fun unlimited! Reinforcing culture with skits and performances.

Engaged employees.

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