How good is your Kung Fu?  

Your Kung Fu has gotten worse every day since the last time you fought for your life. Your team’s Kung Fu has gotten worse since the last time you ran a cut-throat race with your competitor. When was that?


The team that generates dossiers for regulatory submissions has missed their Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Turn-Around Time (TAT). The regulatory agency that reviews regulatory submissions did not meet on schedule either. The non-compliance proved non-lethal.

Should the leader let the team off the hook?

When the regulatory agency itself shows laxity, the odds of an occasional lapse getting noticed are small. The team has worked hard. Why penalize them?

Leaders should be wary of such fallacious reasoning. It is a slippery slope. A year later ..

The SLA has lost its sanctity. The line between performance and non-performance has become blurred. A culture of acceptable non-performance has taken hold. As the team struggles to muster execution rigor, the regulator has tightened up its act. A series of slippages and management’s patience has worn thin. The leader’s act of “kindness” is about to put the team out of a job.

The wise leader knows to avoid such traps. Lethal combat doesn’t end with war for the victorious army.

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