How to weather adversity and build resilience

Pa has had a remarkable year. Life has kept throwing curveballs at her and she has kept hitting them. Her vigor and alertness seem unreal. She is enjoying riding out the storm at the helm of the ship.

What is Pa’s secret?

  1. She talks to people. It’s a fallacy to think “I’ll lock myself in a room and figure it all out.” Let the energy of positive people rub off on you.
  2. She’s kind to people. Holding on means contracting the self. Give generously so as to open up the heart and lighten the mind.
  3. She coaches people daily for their development and success. Time spent developing others means there are more hands to help. Especially in a crisis. Be intentional in setting aside time to nurture and help others grow.

Remember, it’s not your problem. When it’s your problem, it is everybody’s problem.


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