Two kinds of help.


There’s two kinds of help. People who want to look after you. People who want to help you look after yourself.

My experience is that liberals are in the former category and conservatives in the latter. Both want to help. Yet there are huge difference in the nature of help and implications for those who accept it.

One kind creates a dynamic where those receiving help become dependent on charity like a drug. They never get the tools to work themselves out of their situation. The relationship seems kind on the surface, yet degenerates to one of master and slave, with neither incentivized to change it.

The other kind creates a dynamic where those receiving help strive to rise as equals with those giving help. People recognize that self-help is the best help and better to loan tools to overcome a situation permanently. The relationship seems harsh on the surface, yet elevates to one of self-reliance in independent pursuit of goals, with neither giver nor receiver obligated to each other.

It is easy to tell which kind of dynamic prevails. The former has a whole vocabulary around kindness and good intent. It almost always has few people making choices for many others. It almost never delivers good results. The latter has a whole vocabulary around outcomes and independence. It almost always trusts people to make their choices themselves. It almost always leads to imperfect, yet better outcomes.

Nations, communities and individuals must choose between these two models. And if you have a doubt about which side is which, remember that it was Republicans who emancipated the African Americans.

Happy Diwali.

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