Less spoken-about presentation tips

Making a great presentation is about content, crafting and delivery. Powerful delivery has a lot to do with the speaker’s ease. The born-not-made public speakers don’t have to worry about this but the rest of us do. Here are some tips to keep in mind while practicing delivery that contribute to presenter Zen at zero hour.


Focus on how you will transition between slides, rather than memorizing the content on slides.

The success of story-telling with presentations hinges on the ease of transition between slides.



Pose questions with counter-intuitive answers , to reveal rather than give away answers.

Tease to stretch minds and engage the audience.



Set up a rhythm with your words, for ease of narration as well as retention.

Arrange sentences to speak roughly the same number of syllables separated by an intentional pause.

For example:

Executive after executive has spoken,

About the headwinds in our sector

ig-zek-yuh-tiv  af-ter ig-zek-yuh-tiv  haz spoh-kuh n

uhbout th uh hed-wind in ahr sek-ter

A digital transformation is brewing, and

Whether it excites or intimidates us,

ey dij-i-tl trans-fer-mey-shuh n iz broo-ing  uh nd

hweth -er it ik-sahyt awr in-tim-i-deyt uhs

Change is upon us!

Yes indeed, it is!




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