Tinker. Driver. Designer. Why.

There are people who are paid to drive automobiles. They are valued for driving that is safe and expedient. Passengers want a safe and comfortable ride and to arrive on time.

Drivers tend to remain drivers. Most have some degree of knowledge about the automobile. They troubleshoot to some degree. Most can change a flat tire. Some can do an oil-change. Few can even tinker with the innards. Working knowledge of the mechanics “under the hood” is a differentiator and keeps life interesting.

Engineers have know-how necessary  to tinker and experiment with the automobiles design. They understand the system as components in relation to each other. Their tinkering can produce new or refined designs that replace or advance the old ones in performance and aesthetics.

Operator. Problem-solver. Designer.

As technology makes science out of an art, and jobs become increasingly technology-enabled, where does that leave you?

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