How good is your Kung Fu?  

Your Kung Fu has gotten worse every day since the last time you fought for your life. Wise leaders know this. They avoid falling into the trap of acceptable non-performance. Lethal combat doesn’t end with war for the victorious army.

Running operations like a well-oiled clock

Measure quarterly what can be measured yearly. Measure monthly what can be measured quarterly. Measure weekly what can be measured monthly. Measure daily what can be measured weekly.

Roll with the punches. With rolling-wave planning.

Among the challenges that leaders new to the role face is planning and organizing work for success. Leaders must quickly grasp that planning is business of a different order as compared to delivering an assignment. Excellence in executing assignments provides no assurance of success in planning a team’s work. Leaders may spend too much time in planning leading to “paralysis … Continue reading

A Kingdom lost for a nail

Legend has it, a Kingdom was lost for the want of a nail. Don’t you want to avoid this for your Kingdom – your business, your team or your home? This can be as simple as “5 Why’s”. Use techniques from the Lean Six-Sigma stable and you’ll never go wrong.

Teach a (wo)man to fish.

The saying goes, “Give a man a fish, you feed him once. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for life.” How does this apply to leadership roles? Don’t give people answers. Rather, equip them to find the answers themselves. Form lasting habits of problem-solving skills. Why does this matter? People promoted to leadership … Continue reading

Process Orientation – Why It Matters

Process Orientation

A small but illuminating illustration.

Lean Six-Sigma 101

Lean Mean Six-Sigma

Lean Six-Sigma 101   1-Day Workshop at Monsanto India