Change Management – Build Habits

You probably remember the last time you received feedback from your boss. When was the last time you received feedback from a peer? Research shows that peer-peer feedback is one the most effective ways to shape the culture and create a Great Place to Work. Yet, it is also one of the most under-utilized. We … Continue reading

Change Management – Find the Feeling

Experiences shape beliefs. Trying to change beliefs with logic and reason is like bringing a knife to a gun-fight. It often fails. So what does it take to change a belief? It often requires creating a whole new set of experiences. Or one “Type I” experience can bring about change. As Lois eloquently illustrates in this … Continue reading

Introduction to the Switch Framework


Think outside the (lunch) box

Image from here. I had the opportunity to connect with the CEO of one of America’s largest manufacturer of medical devices. I asked  him that looking back at his long and successful career, what is the one thing that he wished he had done differently? The simplicity of his answer left me stunned. He wished … Continue reading

What stands between you and the CEO?

A very successful IT leader I know describes two common pitfalls on the leadership journey.  The first, for new leaders, is an inability to delegate. The second, for seasoned executives, is an inability to switch from left-brain analytic work to right-brain creative work. Delegation We have recently promoted Wig to a leadership role. Wig is … Continue reading

Change management – Find the feeling II

Continued from Change management – find the feeling here. Why is change hard, even when we agree with the logic? We all understand that a particular driving habit is dangerous and we should change it. The logic should be compelling on its own. Change initiatives fail because they rely excessively on the ANALYZE-THINK-CHANGE paradigm. We … Continue reading

Change management – Find the feeling

We spoke of the Switch Framework here. Why is it so difficult to motivate the elephant? The elephant is skittish. The elephant is a wuss. The elephant is easily scared. How many times have you felt like this protaganist in the Edvard Munch painting? This is the feeling that change induces. As a change agent, … Continue reading

Leader as change agent who brings about cultural shifts

To drive change, a leader must make her vision accessible to people in simple terms. She must outline the broad areas of business impact. Next, she must flow the vision to the top 2-3 goals that the organization must deliver. And that’s just the beginning. The change initiative is likely to fall flat unless the … Continue reading

Social Media Workshop – Storytelling

Storytelling: Your Brand, Your Story 3 Steps to a social media strategy. The big idea becomes a big story From big story to a publishing plan Choose your channels I organized the class in two groups for this activity. First, the big idea become a big story I tasked each group to come up with … Continue reading

Social Media Workshop – The Wonders of the WWW in Web 2.0

Protocols are the glue that hold the internet together. Remember making phones out of paper cups as a kid? Two cups at each end of a taut string? The cup serves both as a mouth-piece and receiver. This simple system needs a  protocol in place to a avoid confusion among speakers. So one is always … Continue reading