All you _____ look alike.

The bell curve is only as flat or as sharp as your game. How well do you care?


Hang on to your Unicorns

Unicorns are so rare, they are almost mythical. And they are invisible to managers, visible only to leaders. Hang on your Unicorns. You need as many of them as possible.

Start from the end

Use the fail first method to succeed.

When the nightingale won’t sing

Patience is not a a virtue that most leaders are easily associated with. We like to be seen as men and women of action. Carpe diem! Seize the day! And while rookies rush to action, great leaders know that It is well-timed action that drives outcomes. They are patient and use timing of events and action to drive lasting change.

What makes a successful negotiation

Negotiation is not about charisma. It is about discipline. The battle is won or lost in the mind. In a world with ever-increasing volatility, practice these negotiating tips to come out ahead.

Wrong Turn

East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet. Today, enough leaders on each side want to embrace the opportunity over by the the other. However, few leaders on either side are ready to embrace the values of the other. The future belongs to those who can absorb seemingly contrary impulses into their value-system without feeling overwhelmed or insecure.

Coach for behaviors, not attitudes.

As a leader, do you find yourself chafing at people’s inability to change in their own interest? Rookie leaders confuse attitude and behaviors. Wise leaders know that while attitudes do not change, or take longer to change, behaviors can be molded. They drive outcomes by isolating attitudes and working out specific, step-by-step changes in behavioral patterns.

Why attitude counts

Attitude counts. You can’t always control the situation. You control only your response to it.

How to let go your worries

One mantra for a relaxed and enjoyable life.

Are you negotiating or just chilling?

Negotiations are key to success in business. Too many executives negotiate like haggling at a bazaar with hawkers. Are you winning or whining? Here’s what makes the difference.