How to demo an app to an executive

In the digital era, we are frequently making demos of apps to executives. Building a app that solves an important problem for the company is a uber-cool! Making an effective demo to an executive is equally important. Use these three tips to leave an impression!

Start from the end

Use the fail first method to succeed.

Wrong Turn

East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet. Today, enough leaders on each side want to embrace the opportunity over by the the other. However, few leaders on either side are ready to embrace the values of the other. The future belongs to those who can absorb seemingly contrary impulses into their value-system without feeling overwhelmed or insecure.

Roll with the punches. With rolling-wave planning.

Among the challenges that leaders new to the role face is planning and organizing work for success. Leaders must quickly grasp that planning is business of a different order as compared to delivering an assignment. Excellence in executing assignments provides no assurance of success in planning a team’s work. Leaders may spend too much time in planning leading to “paralysis … Continue reading