How to use the bridge approach to accelerate career growth

The ladder is commonly cited as a metaphor for career path. However, a ladder has only so many rungs. Smart leaders know that there is not one ladder in any organization and use that knowledge to accelerate career growth. Here’s a new metaphor drawn from meteoric career graphs that smart leaders can apply.

How to handle the extraordinary aspirations of an exceptional employee

Talent alone is not enough. A general may read books on military strategy and the art of war. Not until she has seen a soldier cut in half by machine-gun fire can she lead effectively without losing her head. Wise leaders know not to be dazzled by talent while creating experiences for people to prepare them for bigger roles.

How to advance your career

Advancing in career means taking calculated risks. Playing it safe doesn’t get leaders anywhere. Ironically, it makes people and leaders less employable. Great leaders take risks over and over and just get better at handling it.