Coach for behaviors, not attitudes.

As a leader, do you find yourself chafing at people’s inability to change in their own interest? Rookie leaders confuse attitude and behaviors. Wise leaders know that while attitudes do not change, or take longer to change, behaviors can be molded. They drive outcomes by isolating attitudes and working out specific, step-by-step changes in behavioral patterns.

How to be fair as a leader  

New leaders must demonstrate fairness in dealings with people. People are unhappy when they perceive unfair treatment. Such unhappiness can lead to disengagement with the team’s mission. Yet, fairness is not about pleasing people.

Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh enter our site.

Do you have the right balance between the forces of creation, maintenance and destruction in your team? The world around us keeps changing. We must respond – or die. When was the last time you asked – what should we do more of, less of and same of?

Change Management – Find the Feeling

Experiences shape beliefs. Trying to change beliefs with logic and reason is like bringing a knife to a gun-fight. It often fails. So what does it take to change a belief? It often requires creating a whole new set of experiences. Or one “Type I” experience can bring about change. As Lois eloquently illustrates in this … Continue reading

Introduction to the Switch Framework


A Recipe for Successful Change Enablement

Change Enablement

Ever wondered about successful change enablement? We live in times where change is the only  constant. What if there were a secret recipe for leading change successfully? Wouldn’t that be worth a lot to you? There is such a recipe and it is proven to work. Read on and what you find may change your … Continue reading