A tale of two cities.

There’s the New York style of feedback. Impudent and confrontational. There’s also the Alabama style of feedback. Nice to a fault. Only one saves your @$$ in business.

How to handle the extraordinary aspirations of an exceptional employee

Talent alone is not enough. A general may read books on military strategy and the art of war. Not until she has seen a soldier cut in half by machine-gun fire can she lead effectively without losing her head. Wise leaders know not to be dazzled by talent while creating experiences for people to prepare them for bigger roles.

Change Management – Build Habits

You probably remember the last time you received feedback from your boss. When was the last time you received feedback from a peer? Research shows that peer-peer feedback is one the most effective ways to shape the culture and create a Great Place to Work. Yet, it is also one of the most under-utilized. We … Continue reading