Change management – Find the feeling II

Continued from Change management – find the feeling here. Why is change hard, even when we agree with the logic? We all understand that a particular driving habit is dangerous and we should change it. The logic should be compelling on its own. Change initiatives fail because they rely excessively on the ANALYZE-THINK-CHANGE paradigm. We … Continue reading

Change management – Find the feeling

We spoke of the Switch Framework here. Why is it so difficult to motivate the elephant? The elephant is skittish. The elephant is a wuss. The elephant is easily scared. How many times have you felt like this protaganist in the Edvard Munch painting? This is the feeling that change induces. As a change agent, … Continue reading

The Elephant and the Rider

In their book, Switch, authors Dan and Chip Heath liken our emotional side to the elephant and the rational side to the rider. Influencing behavior means winning the heart and mind. Direct the rider and motivate the elephant.   The rider is persuaded by data and logic. The elephant is easily intimidated. The rider may … Continue reading