Why leaders should not innovate.

Its a bug-eat-bug world.

Most mid-tier executives are terribly efficient at killing innovation. Here’s how to avoid some common pitfalls.

How to lead the millennial generation

The millennials are here. And your organization is going to have to adapt to them. But how?

Innovation Day & Aftermath

Innovation Paragdigm

Don’t tell employees what to do. Rather, tell them what needs to be accomplished. Let them figure out how to do it. More likely than not, they shall devise a better way than any manager can think of.

Grooving with Perl – One IT Organization’s Transformational Journey

Monsanto’s R&D IT team at Bangalore does software maintenance. That includes activities like helpdesk, routine bug-fixes, software upgrades, feature enhancements. It also executes software releases and QA. Over time, some activities have become routine. This is the story of the maintenance organization reinventing itself and transforming culture in which technologies like Perl played a major … Continue reading