The Why, What and How

Great leaders provide a compelling “Why?”. And set the stage for the “What?” and the “How?” to be debated. Leaders and organizations that fail to do this end up on the dustbin of history.

A tale of two cities.

There’s the New York style of feedback. Impudent and confrontational. There’s also the Alabama style of feedback. Nice to a fault. Only one saves your @$$ in business.

All you _____ look alike.

The bell curve is only as flat or as sharp as your game. How well do you care?

Wrong Turn

East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet. Today, enough leaders on each side want to embrace the opportunity over by the the other. However, few leaders on either side are ready to embrace the values of the other. The future belongs to those who can absorb seemingly contrary impulses into their value-system without feeling overwhelmed or insecure.

Coach for behaviors, not attitudes.

As a leader, do you find yourself chafing at people’s inability to change in their own interest? Rookie leaders confuse attitude and behaviors. Wise leaders know that while attitudes do not change, or take longer to change, behaviors can be molded. They drive outcomes by isolating attitudes and working out specific, step-by-step changes in behavioral patterns.

Why leaders with financial savvy have an edge.

My company is facing headwinds, Resources are scarcer than they used to be. And there is more competition for scarce resources. In this situation, how do executives make objective investment decisions in regions and technologies, without the climate turning political? The answer is making decisions as objective as possible, driven by: Strategies sustainable in the … Continue reading

How to improve the quality of conversations with colleagues

The quality of your conversation with colleagues matters. Have you inadvertently persuaded yourself to view life as a zero-sum game? Don’t be surprised then to find yourself winning battles and losing the war. Great Generals know the value of building alliances. To best way to vanquish an adversary is never to give him the chance to be one. Make him a ally instead.

How good is your Kung Fu?  

Your Kung Fu has gotten worse every day since the last time you fought for your life. Wise leaders know this. They avoid falling into the trap of acceptable non-performance. Lethal combat doesn’t end with war for the victorious army.

How to make a partner of a customer. The Run-Grow-Transform model.

Willy Wonka, of the chocolate factory fame, approaches you for a server for his IT needs. You have three choices.

The upside of laziness, impatience and hubris

How important is attitude in your hiring decisions? Bill Gates said, ” I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Great leaders hire for attitude, knowing technical skills can be learned and behaviors are much more work to coach. Larry Wall, the inventor of the Perl programming language, illustrates.