When the nightingale won’t sing

Patience is not a a virtue that most leaders are easily associated with. We like to be seen as men and women of action. Carpe diem! Seize the day! And while rookies rush to action, great leaders know that It is well-timed action that drives outcomes. They are patient and use timing of events and action to drive lasting change.

Zoom – by Istvan Banyai

Strategy is often a matter of perspective. Though the definitions of strategy are many, it is often a matter of ability. The ability to step back and take a broader view. I found this oeuvre by Istvan Banyai useful in illustrating the point. From my workshop on Leadership at Monsanto. Enjoy!

Gamification for Corporate Strategy

Gamification for Corporate Strategy

Gamification is the new rage! Can it be applied to weighty corporate matters, like, say, IT Strategy? What if I told you, you can, and showed you how. And what if I could save you a ton of money along the way? Tell me what it is worth to you. 

Michael Porter – The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy

An introduction to Strategy for mid-level executives. View more presentations from Sanjay Bhatikar