Social Media Workshop – Storytelling

Storytelling: Your Brand, Your Story 3 Steps to a social media strategy. The big idea becomes a big story From big story to a publishing plan Choose your channels I organized the class in two groups for this activity. First, the big idea become a big story I tasked each group to come up with … Continue reading

Social Media Workshop – The Wonders of the WWW in Web 2.0

Protocols are the glue that hold the internet together. Remember making phones out of paper cups as a kid? Two cups at each end of a taut string? The cup serves both as a mouth-piece and receiver. This simple system needs a  protocol in place to a avoid confusion among speakers. So one is always … Continue reading

Social Media Workshop – The Internet has Always Been Social

A compelling purpose is necessary to sustain collaborative communities. The first activity illustrates the need to connect with heartbeats.A social initiative has a snowflake’s chance in hell unless it can first do that. 1. Passion-Tags We had people write down on a Post-it® note: Name Avatar and image Top 2-3 passions 2. Network Next we … Continue reading

Social Media Workshop

I conducted a half-day workshop on Social Media. One team is interested in using social media to catalyze our internal innovation program. The other team is responsible for employee safety and has a fabulous track record. They went to use social media to make the wider community a safer place, India being an inherently unsafe … Continue reading

Autonomy and the Virtuous Wheel of Community Collaboration

  We saw how a compelling purpose is necessary to get community contributions started. Sustaining a community requires more than than. It requires transparency, so content contributed by individuals is visible to the whole community. That is so individuals can provide feedback on contributions. And judgement can appear. Individuals enjoy autonomy from the anyone, anytime, … Continue reading

How work gets done. Or not.

How does work get done in your organization? Even the most traditional organizations recognize that work gets done outside of formal org. processes and hierarchies. Leaving a little room for informal collaborative communities to develop and make legitimate contributions makes a world of difference. The organization of the future is emerging as a social organization that is … Continue reading